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The  code again it also has a description so  and I put a filter Nan bad staff again  now this will copy over now I’m going to  put this  on sheet okay so that’s sheet I’m  going to paste.

management training

It in again I like that  they look like management training  it to make it fit  centralize it okay you see on sheet   I’ve got the agent covered in variants  but no description but I want the  description to be there but it’s all  sheet – okay so I’m going to do. I’m  going to open under the column there  insert I’m going to call that  description.

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This is a very handy tool  especially if you’re doing a lot of  codes you know you’ve got thousands and  thousands of lines it takes seconds to  do this really there’s about  seconds  and it’s done but I’ll take it a bit  easy management training with you guys now okay what I’m  going to do what this is called the  vertical look lips you’ll click in that  cell there you click on  you look for vertical lookup because.

I’ve used it before our minds management training  already on  it so click OK you can move that to the  side OK it’s now asking that what you  want me to look at well I want you to  look at the information in cell OK  where do you want me to management training look for it from  if you click on that and then go to  sheet  highlight everything Twitter on it and  then press f now it’s asking management training you which  column you want me to bring you back the  information from well I want you to be  in column  this is.

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