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Cannabis Pos Systems Medical Marijuana Pos Software On A Budget

your framework you know the other thing is whether you have one that is server based where you must have a server in your store um versus SAS versus it’s up in the cloud one scales extremely well the cloud one versus the server versus the one that is in your store and when we discuss adaptability I think this there it goes so’s.

the other thing in the event that we begin getting a second and a third and a fourth store um does this thing enable you to oversee over every one of these stores so discover how much control you have over the entirety of your stores with one framework would we like to do all our purchasing from one medical marijuana pos software framework would we like to deal with those screens from one place and afterward detailing I need to know how each store is getting along.

I need to know how the general population in each store are doing and how gainful every story is so does it have an endeavor ability I think the keep going keep going piece on this one is you know the accidents and the hacks and all that is the means by which secure and how solid is the IT spine so in case you’re in case you’re on one that is a server in your store that is not you realize that is not also it’s not attached to the Internet that is the reason you would pick that in light of the fact that if the web goes down it’s as yet handling deals in my store however in.

the event that you’re experiencing the cloud with the SAS space benefit how vigorous how dependable what sort of what do they need to ensure that thing continues working you know something we found was well I live in Colorado there’s and there’s a larger number of dispensaries than there are Starbucks and everybody dependably goes I can hardly imagine how yet simply like.

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